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Clients and friends of Randall Dean Consulting and Training,

   Welcome to the FREE PDA Downloads Page.  

Check in often for new free downloads for your PDAs memo pad.  These downloads will help you to get better organized, be more effective and efficient, and possibly give you some fun ideas.

To "download" one of these memos into your PDA, follow these simple instructions:  

PC Users:  Select the text of the memo by dragging your mouse over the text while holding down the right click button (Mac users -- improvise!).  Once the memo text is selected, hit CTRL-C to copy the text into your PC's clipboard.  Then, go into your PDA Desktop program (whatever version of software you are using to Hot-Sync your PDA with -- Palm Desktop, MS Outlook, etc.), go into the Memo program, create a new memo, and then simply paste the text from your clipboard.  Make sure that the first line of your memo is a clear title for the memo -- then you should be in business.  

I also recommend making sure that the new memo is in the proper category -- for instance:  "business trip pack list" should be in your "business" category, while "camping trip pack list" should be in your "personal" or even your "camping" category. Or, you could put them both in a single category named "travel". Just make categories that make sense to you, and have fun and be creative with your use of this powerful tool.

Of course, if you are a planner user, you could just print these pages and keep them in one of the file tabs in the back of your planner.

Have a useful memo pad idea??  If you have ideas for very useful Memo pad downloads, please feel free to share them with me. Send an email to randy@randalldean.com and I will include appropriate and useful Memo pad downloads on this page at a later date.

Available Memos:

The Weekly/Daily Update Process:
Stay on top of your daily routine and keep your PDA Time Management system
maintained on a weekly basis for maximum efficiency and effectiveness

A Few Memos to Save You From Ever
Forgetting Something Important on a Trip:

Business Trip Pack List
Personal Trip/Vacation Pack List
Hiking/Camping Trip Pack List
Baby Packing List
Beach Trip Packing List

And Some Memos That Will Help You
During Your Travels:
Airline 800 Numbers
Hotel 800 Numbers
Car Rental 800 Numbers

Coming Soon:

– Fun Memos to Help Improve Your Golf Scores
– A Few Other Fun Surprises