From Distracted to Productive
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From Distracted to Productive: Finding Your Productivity and Focus in a Hyper-Interrupted World

Description: E-mail. Texts. Interruptions. Project Transitions. Office Clutter. Social and Other Media. Your Smart Phones and Tablets. Even Family and Friends. How do you manage all of these "squirrels" that are driving you crazy? These key "distractors" sometimes make it almost impossible to get anything done. It sometimes seems like there is always at least one SQUIRREL getting in the way of what you really need to do. But with some forethought and effective strategies, as well as some personal discipline, it is more than possible to find your focus once again, even in a hyper-distracted world. As a matter of fact, those using these strategies will have a long-term competitive advantage -- both professionally and personally. In this new program by popular time & tech management speaker Randy Dean, MBA, we'll look at each of these key areas of distraction and define strategies for enhancing long-term focus, productivity, and performance. We'll share "game plan" ideas for getting and keeping your distractors (SQUIRRELS!) under control, and finding critical "focused productivity" time each and every day, leading to not only performance but also clarity of mind and purpose.

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