Ending the Office Clutter & Info Overload
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Ending the Office Clutter & Info Overload: Key Strategies for Managing Your Info Overload, Clutter, and "Stacks & Piles"

Description: If you would like to get control of "the beast" of information overload and all of your "stacks & piles", you should attend this program. Learn how to reduce the mess on your desk by having "natural" places for all of your papers, project folders, items to read, etc. Develop strategies and systems for effective and efficient management of your documents and workstation, as well as electronic files. Learn how to get rid of all of the annoying "little stuff" and "clutter" once and for all, and then keep it under control for the ongoing future. We'll even discuss the possibilities and technology required to move toward a "paperless" workspace. Have a system for managing your info overload rather than letting it manage you!

We will be announcing a new public webinar on this program soon. Check back for details.
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