Time Management
in "The Cloud"
Using Gmail/Google
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Time Management in "The Cloud" Using Gmail/Google: Managing Your Time, Projects, People, Ideas and E-mail Using MS Outlook

Description: (This program has been growing in popularity as more organizations switch to Gmail/Google productivity tools for managing their e-mail, calendar, etc.) Similar to Randy Dean's popular Finding an Extra Hour Every Day program and his Optimizing Your MS Outlook program, this program specifically shows how you can use the "Google Suite": Google's web-based, cloud-based professional productivity tools as a center point for a powerful productivity and time management system. Through the use of the Chrome browser and a couple key browser add-ons on your computer, and the right apps on your phone/tablet, you can set up your Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Contacts, Google Tasks, Google Keep, Google Drive, and Google Docs to know what you need to do and when you need to do it. Randy will show several Gmail tips for enhanced e-mail productivity, as well as how to not just use your browser to manage your day, but how this also automatically syncs with your phone and/or tablet for real-time, "anywhere" productivity. You'll see how you can manage your time, projects, tasks, people, and e-mail using this powerful suite of Google tools.

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