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Randy's Newest Webinar Replay
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Beyond Outlook: OneNote, OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams

In addition to his popular live programs at conferences, company/university training sessions, meetings, and events, Randy also often leads programs in live streaming webinar programs and also now has several of his programs listed on numerous e-learning web sites, including his own e-Learning Academy on Thinkific.com, where you will find information on all of his e-Learning courses, including a recently updated Taming the E-mail Beast webinar replay that now includes a fully activated post-program self-study guide (something new for 2021!)

If you would like information on having Randy lead a live webinar event for your firm on one of his most popular programs, send him an e-mail at randy@randalldean.com.

NOTE: If you are an accounting or finance professional looking to get continuing education credits for your online learning, contact Randy Dean directly at randy@randalldean.com for more information on a very interesting and affordable new online learning option specifically for accounting/finance pros.

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